Private Yoga & Coaching


Private yoga & coaching

Private yoga and coaching is a way to put your self-care and healing at the top of your priority list! For some folks it's about taking up a little more space for themselves and for others letting their healing work take up a little more space in their lives. You might have some physical healing to do or some emotional challenges to get through.  Private yoga and coaching views the client as a whole person and offers insight building tips as well as physical/mental/emotional practices to support the client on a holistic level. Read more about whether private yoga and coaching is a good fit for you HERE. 

private yoga & Coaching for relationships

Private yoga and coaching can be done in dyads/triads/etc to work on communication and intimacy building. The relationship is also viewed from a holistic standpoint, goals are clarified, and a collaborative path is defined by the group. 

private yoga & Coaching for small groups/organizations

Private yoga and coaching can also be a great fit for a group of friends looking to get in shape/have some fun, a networking group wanting to add wellness to their list of priorities, colleges looking to support their students, and/or companies and organizations supporting their employees and clients. Feel free to reach out for more information about costs/packages/options: HERE.

Benefits of private yoga & coaching

  • Offers individualized attention

  • Offers the client practices constructed uniquely for them

  • Modifies practices for the needs and goals of the client

  • Helps to clarify goals

  • Nurtures discernment

  • Nurtures connection with self and others

  • Provides guidance for safe physical practice

  • Provides guidance for self-exploration and improvement

  • Supports intimacy and communication building in relationships

WHat does a session look like?

Every session will be unique but a general structure might look something like this:

  • Initial welcome and grounding to prepare for the session

  • Check-in around any previous work or at home practices

  • Check-in around current state and goals

  • Check-in around any current injuries/challenges

  • Collaborative intention setting for practice

  • Practice (may include: breath work, meditation, physical movement)

  • Rest/integration position

  • Closing (questions, take home practice, intention setting, scheduling)