Practice & Philsophy


More about my practice and philosopy

You might be wondering who I am and what makes me qualified to talk about revolutionary healing. And to that I say, "Great question!" I think we need to question those who are there to support us in our healing. This is something that in our current medical system of "doctors" and "experts" we don't do nearly enough! This practice of inquiry means that we expect those around us to value our uniquely divine journeys as much as we do! 

This brings me to the core of my philosophy and practice. I believe that we each are intuitively calibrated towards healing. Could we use some guidance from others? Sure! Does it help to educate ourselves by consuming research and wisdom? Absolutely! However, we will always be the most informed experts on our own lives. Honoring this fact, holds us accountable for our own wellness and gives us access to all of tools that we already have available to us. 

how did you come to that philosophy?

I'm a highly sensitive person, an Aries, a hearth tender, a community builder, and an introvert. The intersection of all these (sometimes conflicting places) have nurtured what I like to think of as my superpower and my burden. On my most effective days, I hear the comic book reminder that, "With great power, comes great responsibility," echoing victoriously in my head. On other days, this just means I'm a vegetarian with a lot of feelings that sometimes needs to take naps.  

Still, it has allowed me to find my way in the world as a therapist by trade, an activist by intention, a yogi in spirit, and a nerd at heart. It has helped me build the capacity to sit with folks as they disclose some of their saddest and most traumatic stories but it has also allowed me to witness the awe inspiring resiliency of humanity. I'm constantly in reverence of humans and their stories. Which means I'm also constantly geeking out over how we heal. 

What informs your practice?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Critical Gender Studies with a Focus in Sexuality, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, a counseling practice focused on marginalized communities healing from individual to systemic trauma, a 200Hr Yoga Teacher's Certification, and am working on my Yoga Therapist Certification.   

View full curriculum vitae HERE.

what does that mean to me?

My education combined with my personal and professional experiences means that I work really hard to be body-positive, sex-positive, trauma-sensitive, kink-affirming, non-monogamous understanding, sex-worker-supportive, POC-aware, and LGBTQIA-knowledgeable. I think that it's important to center these often times silenced identities because social stigma and systemic inequity means that we need healing at these intersections, even though spaces that offer this type of healing aren't often welcoming or accessible. 

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