COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing


We live at the intersections of the lives we have been placed into and the lives we would like to see manifest for ourselves. Each of us holds privilege and oppression in our bones. It is how we build up the muscles around those bones that allows us to walk through this world with kindness, consciousness, and agency.

In a world where we often want to individualize problems, it can be really easy to blame ourselves and get stuck focusing on the symptoms. It's important to remember that these pathologies made visible are appropriate reactions to inappropriate situations. Our depression, anxiety, inability to move, tendencies to self-harm, and the countless other ways we funnel institutionalized violence inwards on ourselves and our intimate relationships are a result of an often cruel and dispassionate world. A world that does not honor or hold space for the unique journeys of our beautiful and diverse bodies, sophisticated minds, gentle hearts, and divine spirits. 

COM|PASSionate REVOLT private yoga and coaching is about consciousness and connection. It centers around the radical concept that we can find healing at the intersections of privilege and oppression, accountability and compassion, research and intuition, and desire and responsibility. We can transcend the structures that hold us back from our most joyful and authentic lives.

Ready to find a compass towards passion and compassion in your life? Start your journey with COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing TODAY.